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A beautiful, deep-winter story full of magic and
monsters and the sharp edges of growing up

NAomi Novik, Author of uprooted

About the Author

Quick version: Infected with wanderlust and with no notions of vocation, I decided to try my hand at a novel. The same novel which you are currently holding. No? Not holding it? Seriously? Then what are you reading this for? Stop screwing around on the Internet and go read something!

About Winternight

I wanted to set a book in Russia, and I wanted a book based on a fairy tale. When I started, that was all I knew. The rest sort of grew. I added good things and bad things as the whim took me and ended up with this story. Kind of a fairy tale and kind of not. You decide.

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I'd really love to hear from you. Like really. Writing is such a solitary process that the idea of actually talking to people about my work fills me with joy. Tweet, or message me on Instagram or FB. Or, if you'd rather, use this link to send me an email. I'll answer, unless you rant. To the odder corners of the internet, I'd rather not be trolled, or get viruses, or pictures of body parts. Thanks.